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NEW! Coin Elite 20.07 with Sept. 2023 Values

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Finding your current Coin Elite version number

Moving to a new computer

We are currently taking orders for the August 2023 value updates and Coin Elite 20.07 upgrades. All updates are shipping in First In First Out method.

We will need your current version number of Coin Elite to process this order. If you are not sure what version you currently have or if you are going to a new computer, look to the left in INFORMATION LINKS for instructions and information (the version number is NOT the install product number that starts with 10034.. or 10045.. etc).

This is where you order:

New 20.07 Program Upgrade (includes new Sept. 2023 Market Value Updates)

This upgrade is for people who currently have Coin Elite Installed on their computer and are NOT moving to a new computer. This option will upgrade your current version of Coin Elite to the new 20.07 Includes new Sept. 2023 Market Value Updates.

New 20.07 Program Upgrade For New Computers

For customers who currently have a Coin Elite version 16.x, 17.x 18.x or 19.x installed on their old computers. Click here for instrucions to find your current version

This upgrade is for people who are going to a new computer and want the latest version. Includes instructions for getting your old information into the new program. Includes new Sept. 2023 Market Value Updates.

Starting Over with Coin Elite

Sometimes people who've gotten away from Coin Elite for awhile wish to just start over, that's what this will do. It's the full 20.07 version but at a $30 discount. You must be a registered user of Coin Elite to order this. Includes new Sept. 2023 Market Value Updates

Upgrading from Legacy versions 15.x and earlier (2011 and earlier)

If you have a VERY old version of Coin Elite and want to get the latest version 20.07 AND carry over your old information, please call us at 913-642-9401 so we can see exactly what you have.

Coin Elite Sept. 2023 Market Value Updates

New coins and values only. This will keep you at your current version of Coin Elite and give you the new August 2023 values and coins to use in the Add Coins feature for adding new coins and re-evalualte your collection with the new values. We WILL need your current version # of Coin Elite. You can only order by phone at 800-548-8901

Additional Countries Database for Coin Elite

Allows you to order new databases that you don't currently own, like Canadian and Mexican. Call us at 913-642-9401 to order an additional database.

Currency Elite Upgrade 7.06

Currency Elite 7.06 is now ready for shipping. This option will only upgrade previous versions of Currency Elite. If you have not owned Currency Elite before you must purchase the full program here.

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